The meeting between shepherds and digital

Feb 21-23, in the heart of the Paris International Agricultural Show


The pastoral hackathon will bring together 75 people from different backgrounds in an extraordinary venue: the Paris International Agricultural Show. During a whole week-end of work and sharing, the worlds of pastoralism and digital will meet to think and produce innovative tools.

The hackathon will take place from Friday, February 21, 2019 at 7 pm to Sunday, February 23 at 9 pm at the heart of the Paris International Agricultural Show (Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles). Hackathon participants will have privileged access to the Paris International Agricultural Show.

The pastoral hackathon aims to develop the digital tools that pastoralism needs by connecting:

– A group of developers, social network specialists and related digital tools, graphic designers… that meet to do collaborative computer programming.

– The problems of each pastoralist country with the presence of European breeders’ and herders’ associations.

75 people

And as many talents

13 teams

And a lot of ideas

30 hours

Of collaborative work

The hackathon will take place in








the themes

The challenge of this hackathon is to develop tools for shepherds and shepherdesses to organize and communicate. 4 major themes have been identified and are a basis for understanding for the project proposal. A meeting with people from the pastoral world at the beginning of the hackathon will help to refine these issues.


The link between the growing demand for healthy, open-air livestock products and the ability of pastoral farms to meet and make it known.


The social and cultural aspects of pastoralism: the transmission of knowledge, but also working conditions and innovation.


The link between pastoralism and biodiversity and the impact of environmental protection regimes on pastoral activities (including predators).


The consideration of pastoralism in national and regional policies to support livestock (including the CAP).


From 21 to 23 february 2020

In the heart of the Paris International Agricultural Show

Registration until 02/02/2020


The massive arrival of digital technology in all fields of human activity creates new situations. Networks facilitate the emergence of large distributed communities that can mobilize to create and share knowledge. Shepherds and shepherdesses are thus organized into a European Shepherds’ Network to pool initiatives, creativity and mobilize individuals in order to preserve and enhance ancestral practices.

Pastoralism in the news

In 2019, UNESCO lists transhumance in the intangible cultural heritage of humanity

Transhumance (a form of pastoralism) shapes relationships between humans, animals and ecosystems, involves common social practices and rituals, and is one of the most effective and sustainable breeding systems.

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La Dépêche: “Pastoralism is becoming a trend again”

Old-fashioned pastoralism is once again becoming an appreciated solution for land maintenance or fire risk prevention. It is less and less rare to see herds grazing on the lands of the Corbières and Minervois.

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New York Times : “Scorched Portugal Turns to the Goat as a Low-Cost Firefighter”

“In Portugal, thousands of goats fight fires.” After using drones and satellites to fight forest fires, Portugal is turning to long-term solutions.

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Sheep farming in Breidamerkurfjall (Iceland) – A farmer’s legacy

Being a sheep farmer in Iceland requires a lot of passion. The work is not the most profitable and takes a lot of time. Despite this, those who choose it cannot imagine doing anything else.


Brut. “Why the return of wolves worries shepherds (with Cyrus North and Tanguy Toopet)”

Cyrus North and Tanguy Toopet follow a shepherd, Joseph Boussion in the Alps to understand his daily life as a shepherd and the problem of the return of the wolf to France.


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